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ICON International is a global commercial lighting company that provides lighting solutions to schools, hospitals, retailers, offices, museums, transit systems, and architectural monuments across the world.

ICON approached DK Communications in hopes of finding new customers, as well as building brand awareness and name recognition.

In order to broaden ICON’s customers DK Communications:

Determined the effectiveness and opportunities for improvement on all marketing materials including website.

Reinforced ICON’s image as a creative, attentive, supplier of lighting solutions and positioned ICON as the top go-to supplier for all major projects.

Aligned ICON with the green culture. The green movement attracted media attention as it is a must have element for all companies.

Integrated ICON into the media through extensive connections with a network of reporters and editors in various news conglomerates.

Utilized social media, email marketing, an E-Newsletter, and a company blog

DK Communications also worked closely with ICON to establish their Sharper Image brand home décor lighting.