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DK Communications worked with OSHEAN, Inc. (which stands for Ocean State Higher Education Economic Development and Administrative Network) to gain a federal stimulus grant of $21.7 million to bring vastly increased broadband capacity to the community anchor institutions of Rhode Island and Bristol County, Massachusetts. These include schools, libraries, universities, community colleges, hospitals and government agencies. The project will create an estimated 210 direct jobs over the first three years, and is expected to provide the infrastructure for many more “knowledge economy” jobs in the future.

Today, OSHEAN delivers an economical, ultra-fast, Internet-based communication infrastructure with member services that enhance the productive use of this network. The advanced technology solutions include ultra-broadband access to the Internet and Internet2, network security, disaster recovery, emergency preparedness, video conferencing and Voice Over IP. DK Communications works closely with OSHEAN in communication strategy, event planning, member relations and much more.