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NORAD International/ Port of Davisville at Quonset Business Park

NORAD is one of the largest car importers in North America. As it began to expand its reach- NORAD asked us to develop a new look and feel that reflected its world-class facility. Our sleek logo redesign, new website, and collateral provides NORAD with a comprehensive package that reflects the company’s strengths. We worked with NORAD to help it navigate the federal, state and community issues involved in continuing to grow at Davisville.

This included— pitching Davisville for the Federal Marine Highway short-shipping program, safe guarding the Port of Davisville’s no harbor maintenance tax status, and ensuring political leaders and the general pubic understood the economic benefits of NORAD.


NORAD is expanding its reach with new Subaru and VW contracts. The Port of Davisville is conducting maintenance dredging to allow for larger more economical car carrier ships.


Public Relations Brand Identity Logo Development Brochure and web design